Explosion-Proof Actuators

explosion-proof actuatorExplosion-proof actuators are critical components in industrial ventilation systems required to operate safely in hazardous environments. As an authorized distributor for leading brands, Knape Associates understands the importance of having the right explosion proof actuators specified and installed for specific applications.

These specially designed actuators contain electrical parts encapsulated to prevent igniting flammable gases, vapors, or dust that may exist in a facility.

We help you acquire the right best equipment that is certified for the zone rating and risk levels, which ensures compliance with protection standards such as ATEX and NEC.

Knape Associates has long-standing experience helping clients choose optimal solutions matched to their needs from our range of high-quality products.

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Types of Explosion-Proof Actuators

Let’s take a quick tour of the main types available:

Quarter-turn actuators

Suitable for ball valves, butterfly valves, and other quarter-turn needs. With an accurate rotary motion from open to closed, these actuators pack a punch with torque ranges from 5 Nm to 150 Nm.

Linear actuators

These give you straight-line thrust perfect for dampers and globe valves. Get ready for forces between 500 N and 10,000 N. Adjust the stroke length to suit your needs.

Part-turn actuators

Are a cost-effective choice if the application requires limited rotation. This is suitable if you’re looking to rotate 90 degrees or less.

Spring-return actuators

They provide reliable fail-safe positioning in case of power loss. The spring brings it back to the home position, meaning one less thing to worry about during an outage.

No matter the type, our explosion proof actuators come certified for ATEX, IECEx, and other hazardous location standards. Trust us to spec out exactly what you need for your application.

Trust us to spec out exactly what you need for your application.

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You’ll find them hard at work in:


It’s important to understand the unique benefits they provide:

Certified Safety: Our actuators meet global standards like ATEX, IECEx, and NEC for guaranteed protection against igniting flammable atmospheres. You can trust them in Zone 1 and Zone 2 environments with gases like hydrogen or dusts like coal.

Powerful Performance: With high torque capacities from 5 Nm up to 150 Nm and thrust forces from 500 N to 10,000 N, these electric actuators have the strength to handle tough valve and damper control duties.

Precision Operation: Accurate positioning and adjustable multi-turn travel allows precise valve modulation essential for processes like chemical injection or fume scrubbing. Protect your product quality.

Durable Construction: The robust cast aluminum and stainless steel housings withstand vibration, weather, and temperature extremes from -40°C to +70°C for long service life. IP66/IP67 ingress protection keeps out dust and moisture.

Reliable Fail-Safe: Our actuators feature backup batteries and spring-return mechanisms to automatically go to their preset safe position when power is lost, protecting your assets.

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In hazardous location environments containing flammable gases, vapors, or combustible dusts, they are critical components. Their encapsulated electrical components prevent igniting these potentially explosive atmospheres. Durable construction stands up to vibration, weather, and corrosion for reliable performance. Powerful torque and thrust capacities provide precise valve and damper control essential for product quality and safety.

With specialized expertise in specifying these actuators for industrial applications, Knape Associates is ready to assist in selecting the ideal product matched to your requirements. Our extensive distribution inventory includes leading brands of quarter-turn, multi-turn, and linear versions.

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