Control Dampers

control damper

Control dampers are strategically placed throughout duct work to control air flow. Controlling the blades can serve many purposes, such as directing airflow to a specific part of the building or mixing hot and cold air streams for air conditioning.

Additionally, they can be calibrated to mix airflow that is heated and cooled. The damper’s blades can be closed or opened completely via control, depending on the application’s requirements.

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Control dampers are also able to be calibrated to combine hot and cold tempered airflow.

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Control Damper vs Balancing Damper

Between control dampers and balancing dampers, the main difference between them is that the blades of a control damper cannot be fully angled. They can only be used in one of two settings: fully open or fully closed.

Every damper operates differently and has a different purpose as a result.

Control Damper Features

Customizable actuators are available for control dampers to facilitate an operation.

Gas-Tight Shut-Off Dampers

Gas-tight shut-off dampers are crucial in industrial applications, providing a secure seal to shut off gas or fluid flow. They prevent leaks, ensuring safety and environmental protection. These dampers offer precise control over flow rates, essential for efficient process regulation.

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