Knape & Associates provides industrial ventilation equipment suitable for a wide range of industries.

Our experience in working with projects from the drawing board to final test and balance is available.

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Representing the the best manufactures that are backed by industry leading guarantees to provide a one-stop-shop solution for industrial ventilation needs. Find out more about all the ventilation manufacturers we represent.

Over a century of experience moving air

Founded in 1949, Knape Associates is the preeminent supplier of industrial & commercial air moving equipment.

If you have an existing system that you would like to replace or upgrade, one of our team members is ready to visit your offices and, at no cost to you, conduct a complete audit of your equipment needs

Industrial Ventilation Systems Supplier

Frustrated by the complexities of maintaining worksite ventilation and regulatory compliance?

Our custom industrial ventilation systems simplify air movement and quality management so you can focus on your core operations.

Providing Ventilation System Solutions for Manufacturing, Marine, Processing Plants, and More!

From the marine industry to manufacturing facilities, we create tailored HVAC and contaminant extraction systems purpose-built for your environment’s needs.

With over a century of combined experience spanning various industries, our past turnkey shop ventilation projects.

Our team handles everything from initial assessments defining your precise air movement requirements to 3D-modeled installs navigating any existing infrastructure limitations.

Why Choose Us?

Breathe Easier with Custom Air Quality Solutions

Industrial airflow management is a complex and multifaceted task that requires careful consideration of a range of factors, from the size and layout of the facility to the nature of the work being done. 

We understand the challenges of designing and implementing effective industrial ventilation systems and are here to help. 

We have the knowledge and products you need to succeed, whether you are dealing with high levels of airborne contaminants, need help keeping the temperature stable, or just want to improve the air quality in your facility.

Why Work With Knape Associates?

Trusted Manufacturers, Huge Selection

We partner with top industrial ventilation system manufacturers & go beyond product reselling. By providing tailored technical guidance on system selection, accurate lead times, and full implementation support from risk mitigation to onsite installation.

Easy Order Fulfillment

From quotes to fulfillment, we smooth sourcing headaches. Check availability, order assembly customizations, and streamline single-shipment delivery directly to your facility.

Technical Guidance from Industry Experts

Whether an industrial exhaust upgrade or commercial scale HVAC overhaul, let our system design veterans diagnose your unique air quality challenge. We pinpoint equipment specifications and capacity outputs, balancing efficacy & investment.

Expedited Shipping

As inventory wholesalers for the nation’s top names, fast order fulfillment from local warehouses means faster project timelines. We prioritize quick delivery at competitive pricing.

Risk Mitigation

Our globally-validated ventilation solutions suit diverse applications with maximum reliability to limit downtime risks. We provide continuity through backup support plans.

Support Team

Our implementation support spotlights customer lifetime care beyond the buy

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