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Searching for industrial blowers and fans? You likely need equipment that can handle harsh industrial environments – excess heat, particles, corrosion, etc. Yet, you still want peak efficiency, performance, and reliability.

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Scouring multiple manufacturers and models to find equipment that fits your needs is tedious and time-consuming. If the equipment you buy breaks down early or cannot withstand the environment, your ventilation problems will worsen.

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The Challenge – Meeting Airflow, Noise, and Durability Demands

When a recent tissue plant expansion required specialized ventilation, traditional off-the-shelf fans wouldn’t cut it. Installing new industrial machinery brings universal challenges—meeting technical needs that exceed typical equipment.

This issue struck Kruger’s new tissue mill project housing advanced Through-Air-Dry (TAD) paper machines.

Ventilating the tailored moisture removal, vacuum, dust collection, and chemical systems demanded purpose-built airflow capacities, precision placements, and durable builds to withstand harsh manufacturing environments.

Yet, sufficient airflow alone wasn’t enough.

Considerations like maintaining indoor air quality for the 180 employees and meeting the neighborhood’s exterior noise restrictions had to be addressed while supplying the ample CFM airflow rates needed for operations.

This complex situation ruled out catalog items. No single off-the-shelf model could simultaneously deliver ample ventilation flow and appropriately low sound levels.

The Solution – Optimized Fans Delivering High Output and Acoustics

Northern Blower customized 23 industrial fans. The fans were made of carbon steel with custom coating and 304L stainless steel to meet the plant’s unique needs. The centrifugal and backward-curved fans were designed to deliver controlled airflow ranging from 2,500 to 50,000 CFM, matching the specialized demands of the facility’s through-air-dry (TAD) tissue machines and equipment.

Careful engineering tailored each fan to suit the key applications across the plant – including mist removal, vacuum exhaust, wet dust collection, chemical rooms, and oil storage areas.

Oversized silencers were fitted into the roofline exhausters. This ensured the resultant sound pressure from the 23 fans stayed within the town’s strict exterior noise regulations.

The result: the optimized fans enabled the paper mill operations to maximize production capacity and noise control.

This was all made possible due to Northern Blower engineering industrial-grade solutions customized for the plant’s particular ventilation, durability, and acoustic requirements.

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Northern Blower Centrifugal Fans

Series 4000 Backward Curved

  • Models: 4170, 4270, 4370, 4470, 4570
  • Sizes: Custom wheel width and diameter
  • Performance: 5,000 to 250,000 ACFM

5010 Airfoil

  • Sizes: 13-1/2″ to 80-3/4″ wheel diameter
  • Class: I, II, III, IV, IV HD
  • Performance: 1,000 to 250,000 ACFM

5020 Backward Inclined

  • Sizes: 13-1/2″ to 98″ wheel diameter
  • Class: I, II, III, IV, IV HD
  • Performance: 1,000 to 300,000 ACFM

Series 5700 Industrial Airfoil

  • Models: 5720, 5730, 5740, 5721, 5731, 5741, 5723, 5733, 5743
  • Sizes: Custom wheel width and diameter
  • Performance: 5,000 to 450,000 ACFM

Northern Blower Radial Blade Fans

Series 6400 Radial Blade Pressure Blower

  • Models: 6410, 6420, 6430, 6440, 6450
  • Performance: 300 to 100,000 ACFM

Specialty Fans

Series 8000 Centrifoil Inline Fan

  • Models: 8091, 8093, 8096
  • Sizes: 9-1/8” to 60” wheel diameter
  • Performance: 100 to 92,000 ACFM

Series 8500 Swingout Centrifugal

  • Models: 8510, 8520
  • Sizes: Custom wheel width and diameter
  • Performance: 2,400 to 110,000 ACFM

Northern Blower Axial Fans

Series 5300 Tubeaxial

Series 7400 Vaneaxial

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