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Rotork is the leading actuator manufacturer and flow control company in any market where the flow of gases or liquids must be controlled.

All Rotork products are designed and manufactured in accordance with ISO 9001 standards to achieve the highest levels of performance and reliability. Knape Associates Rotork’s distributor of fluid power actuators, including pneumatic and hydraulic actuators.

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Rotork Actuators

Rotork has been helping customers manage the flow of liquids, gases, and powders for over 60 years. They do this by coming up with new and reliable ways to do it. Rotork actuators are useful in any industry where the flow of gases or liquids must be controlled safely.

The main thing this company does well is come up with better ways to control and measure fluids and gases in industrial systems.

Rotork has set up a global network of facilities and offices to make it easier for them to sell their actuators and other flow control services.

Knape Associates goes one step further by bringing Rotork actuators and other products and services closer to your door, so you can get world-class service close to home.

Our expert technicians work hard to help your facility with installation, repairs, and troubleshooting for peak performance. We work with Rotork to sell and maintain the best valve actuators in the industry at a low cost.

Rotork Equipment Support in Houston

Knape Associates’ Houston team specializes in sourcing optimal solutions for facilities, collaborating with reputable companies to match equipment with specific spatial, functional, and budgetary requirements. As authorized distributors, we’re available for on-site commissioning, startup services, automation capabilities, troubleshooting expertise, and in-house engineering and support to enhance the technical aspects of our comprehensive product offerings.

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Schischek Distributor

We are an official distributor of Schischek products. Schischek makes explosion-proof actuators, as well as heating, ventilation, and HVAC products for use in industrial and offshore settings. Designed to work with other control equipment to make explosion-proof products that are new, reliable, and have been tested.

The PTB has certified, approved, and made all explosion-proof Schischek products in accordance with the most recent regulations and standards.


When clients work with Schischek, they can be sure that they will get first-class support at every stage of their project, from planning to installation, completion, and on-going site service. 

Since 2013, Schischek has been a proud part of the Rotork Group. The Rotork-Schischek product line has been improved, and Schischek has benefited from Rotork’s existing product line and global reach. Knape is proud to be an authorized distributor of the Rotork-Schischek product line.

Compact and robust, the Schischek electric actuators (InMax, RedMax, and ExMax) offer reliability for fire and smoke damper valves and ventilation systems requiring precise temperature control. Available in IP66 and IP67, they include both quarter-turn and linear options with optional spring fail safe.

Torque ranges from 5Nm to 150Nm for quarter-turn and 500N to 3,000N for linear actuators. The Schischek actuators feature ex-proof volume flow, temperature/humidity, and differential pressure sensors, along with fire door hold magnet systems, completing the safety system. Schischek products hold ISO 9001 and ATEX certifications, ensuring safety in environments with gases, vapors, mists, and dust.

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Supplying Heavy Duty Ventilation Equipment

Knape Associates based out of Houston, we can provide you with fast quotes on the heavy duty ventilation equipment.

We are official representatives leading industrial part manufactures covering Texas and beyond.

We can also send out a trained specialist to assess the area and make certain the proper equipment.

In order to ensure maximum effectiveness, we conduct tests on-site to determine how cost-effective each model will be.