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Pressure Blower Fan

pressure blower fanA pressure blower fan is applied to a wide variety of industrial air-moving requirement.

Pressure blowers are available in sizer from 11″ to 14″ wheel diameters. They are ideal for temperatures up to 200 and air contaminated with dust particles. Able to be places in all 8 of the AMCA standard positions.

Fire/Smoke dampers are similar to Fire Dampers in fire resistance rating, and also prevent the spread of smoke inside the ducts.

Pressure Blower Features

  • Factory balanced before shipping according to application
  • Heavy industrial-duty construction
  • Turn-key solution
  • Custom coatings, accessories, and motor configurations available upon request
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Why Knape Associates?

With over 60 years of industrial air movement experience, our team has the skills and knowledge to help you find your optimal fan component. 

For additional information about our fan offerings or assistance choosing one for your systems, contact us today. An expert will address any questions or concerns you may have regardless the size of the commercial or industrial application.

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