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finned tubularFin material is continuously spiral wound tightly onto the element surface to increase the convective surface area for air and non-corrosive gas heating.

Rugged tubular elements are the basis of construction for finned heaters. The tubular element is continuously wound in a tight spiral along the surface element to improve the convective area for gas heating that is non-corrosive, as well as air.

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Rugged tubular elements are the basis of construction for finned heaters.

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Fin Tubular Features

  • Magnesium oxide powder is filled in a large gauge metal tube. High grade resistance wire coil around the centered tubular element. To compact the oxide powder and reduce its diameter it is rolled. This
  • It is rolled  to reduce its diameter and compact the powder, which facilitates heat transfer quickly to the sheath from the coil.
  • Due to superior resistance to corrosion and moisture, stainless steel has been standardized for finned tubular elements.
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