Propeller Wall Fan, aka Sidewall Propeller Fans

Sidewall propeller fans, also known as propeller wall fans, are designed to efficiently exhaust or supply high volumes of air at low static pressures in various commercial and industrial settings.

These robust fans are ideal for applications such as:

  • Factories and warehouses
  • Greenhouses and agricultural facilities
  • Parking garages and vehicle maintenance areas
  • Gymnasiums and large event spaces

Propeller wall fans offer a cost-effective general ventilation, heat removal, and air circulation solution. They are available in a range of sizes and configurations to meet the specific needs of different industries and facilities.

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Propeller Wall Fans, Sidewall Propeller Fans

One key advantage is their ability to move large volumes of air while consuming minimal energy. This not only helps maintain a comfortable and productive environment for workers, equipment, and products but also contributes to energy conservation.

Durable and low-maintenance, wall mounted propeller fans are a reliable choice for demanding industrial applications.

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Types and Configurations

Propeller wall fans are available in two primary drive configurations to suit different performance requirements and maintenance preferences:

Direct Drive

  • The propeller is mounted directly on the motor shaft
  • Offers maximum efficiency and minimal maintenance
  • Ideal for applications requiring continuous operation or limited access for servicing

Belt Drive

  • The propeller is driven by a belt and pulley system connected to the motor
  • Allows for flexibility in fan speed adjustment
  • Suitable for applications with varying airflow demands or when precise speed control is necessary

In addition to drive types, propeller wall fans can be configured for either supply or exhaust airflow:

Supply Configuration

  • Draws fresh air from the exterior and introduces it into the building
  • Helps maintain a positive pressure environment and reduces infiltration of outside contaminants

Exhaust Configuration

  • Sidewall propeller exhaust fans removes stale, hot, or contaminated air from the interior and expels it outside
  • Wall mounted propeller exhaust fan prevents buildup of harmful fumes, dust, or excess heat within the facility

By selecting the appropriate drive type and airflow configuration, users can optimize the performance of their wall mounted propeller exhaust fan to meet specific ventilation requirements while ensuring efficient and reliable operation.

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Construction and Design

Engineered with durable materials and robust construction to withstand the demands of industrial environments.

Key design elements include:

Propeller Materials

  • Fabricated from heavy-duty steel or corrosion-resistant aluminum
  • Aluminum propellers offer lightweight, heat-tolerant, and efficient airfoil shapes
  • The material choice depends on the application’s specific requirements and environmental factors

Fan Panel and Drive Frame Construction

  • Manufactured to match the level of duty and motor size
  • Rugged construction ensures reliable operation and long service life
  • Designed to minimize vibration and noise levels

Wall Panel Mounting Features

  • Prepunched mounting holes for easy installation and precise alignment
  • Sturdy wall panels provide proper spacing between the propeller and wall
  • Allows for quick and secure attachment to the building structure

Safety Features

  • OSHA-compliant guards protect personnel from moving parts
  • Guards are securely fastened and designed to prevent accidental contact with the propeller

The well-engineered construction and design of sidewall propeller fans contribute to their exceptional performance, durability, and safety.

These fans deliver reliable ventilation solutions for various demanding industrial applications. They utilize high-quality materials and adhere to strict manufacturing standards.

Performance Specifications

Propeller wall fans offer impressive performance capabilities to meet the ventilation needs of various industrial applications:

CFM Range

  • Delivers airflow up to 50,000+ CFM for larger belt-driven models
  • Accommodates the ventilation requirements of spacious facilities and high-volume applications

Maximum Static Pressure

  • Operates effectively against static pressures typically ranging from 0.5 to 0.75 inches of water gauge
  • Overcomes resistance from ductwork, filters, and other system components

Efficiency and Maintenance

  • Direct drive fans provide high efficiency and require minimal maintenance
  • Belt drive fans allow for flexible speed adjustment but may necessitate more frequent belt tension checks and replacement

By offering a wide range of airflow capacities and the ability to overcome static pressure, sidewall propeller fans can be selected to match the specific performance requirements of the application.

The choice between direct drive and belt drive sidewall propeller wall fan configurations allows users to prioritize efficiency, maintenance, or speed control based on their operational needs.

Propeller Wall Fan Manufacturers

Several reputable manufacturers offer high-quality sidewall propeller fans to suit various industrial ventilation needs:

Loren Cook

  • Loren Cook offers a wide range of sidewall propeller fans for commercial and industrial applications
  • Products include direct drive and belt drive models for supply and exhaust configurations
  • Known for their durable construction and reliable performance

Soler & Palau

  • S&P provides a comprehensive lineup of sidewall propeller fans for various industries
  • Offers fans with high-efficiency motors and advanced blade designs for optimal airflow
  • Products are designed to meet stringent energy efficiency and safety standards

Hartzell Air Movement

  • Manufactures a diverse selection of Hartzell sidewall propeller fans for demanding industrial environments
  • Offers fans with rugged construction, including heavy-duty steel and aluminum propellers
  • Provides customizable options to meet specific application requirements

Knape Associates

  • Specializes in custom-built sidewall propeller fans tailored to unique industrial needs
  • Works closely with clients to design and manufacture fans that meet exact specifications
  • Offers personalized support and expertise throughout the selection and installation process

By partnering with these established manufacturers, industrial equipment distributors can offer their customers a comprehensive range of sidewall propeller fans to meet the ventilation demands of various facilities.

Each manufacturer brings a unique combination of product quality, performance, and customer support, ensuring the right fan solution is available for every application.

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