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Knape Associates is an official Loren Cook distributor. Their products are engineered with precision and great care. Each commercial piece undergoes rigorous testing for aerodynamic performance, energy consumption, and long-term reliability.

Loren Cook boasts an extensive portfolio of around 250 high-quality air-moving products. Their range spans from Cook fans capable of moving 30 CFM to heavy-duty units handling up to 300,000 CFM.

Some of their standout products include the ACE Centrifugal Roof Exhaust Fan, designed for commercial to light industrial applications, and the Tubeaxial / Vaneaxial Fans, engineered for moving high volumes of air through duct systems.

The Aluminum Propeller Wall Fan is another notable product, typically used in commercial to industrial settings, particularly large structures like warehouses, to exhaust air against low resistance.

We distribute OEM Loren Cook units to ensures easy access to further highlight their commitment to product longevity and customer satisfaction. Their offering is not just about the product but also about adding value to the customer experience through a comprehensive approach that includes education and support tools like CookTools and Engineering CookBook.

In essence, Loren Cook’s product line, distributed through Knape Associates, is as diverse as it is robust, catering to the ever-changing needs of the ventilation market.

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Some of their standout products include the ACE Centrifugal Roof Exhaust Fan, designed for commercial to light industrial applications, and the Tubeaxial / Vaneaxial Fans.

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Loren Cook Gemini Bathroom Fan

The Loren Cook Gemini provides maximum airflow performance, durability, and flexible installation for a variety of ceiling or inline exhaust ventilation applications. These commercial grade direct drive centrifugal fans feature a forward curved wheel and are convertible between ceiling and inline orientations to suit different commercial bathroom needs.

Gemini fans are AMCA licensed and UL/cUL listed for worldwide use. They utilize an EC or PSC motor with field adjustable brackets for simple installation. Integral backdraft dampers come standard.

Key options include motion sensors, speed controllers for variable airflow, and ASHRAE 62.2 controls for automated bath ventilation. Loren Cook offers a variety of grille styles to match different interiors.

With their convertible design, variety of controls, and global compliance certifications, the Gemini series provides an optimal, flexible solution for demanding clean air exhaust applications.

Loren Cook Official Supplier

Knape Associates, as a leading distributor, plays a vital role in Loren Cook’s mission of moving air effectively and efficiently. Their longstanding partnership is a testament to their shared dedication to providing robust, reliable ventilation solutions that meet the diverse needs of commercial and industrial settings. 

With Knape Associates’ extensive distribution network and commitment to excellent customer service, together with Loren Cook’s quality air-moving products and comprehensive training initiatives, they continue to set the benchmark in the industrial ventilation industry.

This partnership proves that with the right alliances, technical expertise, and a focus on adding value for customers, the path to success and innovation in the ventilation sector becomes clearer and more attainable.

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