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acudor distributorAs authorized distributors of Acudor access doors, we make it easy for clients to get the precise access products they need.  Acudor is a trusted partner known for quality and reliability.

Knape Associates handles everything from quoting and specification to coordinating timely direct shipping. We get you the right Acudor access door, hatch, or smoke vent for your application – whether a standard model or custom-engineered design.

Contact us today to learn more about the complete access product line and full fabrication capabilities we provide as your go-to Acudor distributor.

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Acudor Access Panels

Acudor sets the bar for access panel quality and functionality.

Their precision-fabricated steel and aluminum doors promote durability and a weathertight seal. Insulated panel options also increase thermal performance and condensation resistance – which is critical for exterior installation. Architecturally, the clean-mitered frames lend a pleasing aesthetic across various visible applications.

Convenient tool-operated latches allow quick inspection access without keys. Whether visibility, weather protection, security, or fire rating, Acudor doors check all the boxes.

Ultimately, that means fewer callbacks and replacements down the road – a genuine quality that contractors can stand behind.

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Acudor Fire-Rated Access Panels & Doors

Acudor fire-rated models stand apart on proven performance during actual blazes. Their doors carry top ratings from pressure testing authorities like Warnock Hersey and certification to codes like NFPA 80.

Multi-hour insulation prevents flame spread and dangerous rising temps. Yet operation stays smooth with concealed springs and latches – no sticking during emergency access.

The ratings apply to both field-cut openings and as shipped for fast compliance. Unlike alternatives, Acudor fire doors resist warping or failure points from repeated heating/cooling in their steel core design.

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Supplying Acudor

Knape Associates can provide fast quotes on the correct Acudor products for your application.

We are official distributors of Acudor products that cover Texas and beyond.

We can also send out a trained specialist to assess the area and ensure the proper equipment is used for your specific application.