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Woods Air MovementDistributed by Knape Associates, Woods Air Movement is a globally recognized brand specializing in designing, testing, manufacturing, and certifying axial fans.

With a diverse portfolio, they play a key role in sectors ranging from fire safety to industrial processes and agriculture. Woods Air Movement focuses on axial fans and offers technical ventilation, smoke extraction, cooling, and commercial kitchen extraction solutions.

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Woods Air Movement Jet Fan

Woods Air Movement Supplier

As an official supplier of Woods Air Movement, we are proud to embody these foundation values and bring to you a wide range of their high-standard products. Woods’ commitment to safety, efficiency, and quality is exemplified through their compliance with international quality standards, including ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and AMCA. 

Specializing in diverse applications like fire safety, ventilation, industrial process, oil & gas, marine, and more, Woods’ axial fans offer versatility without compromising performance. Trust us, as your industrial fan supplier, to deliver the proven solutions of Woods Air Movement.

Woods' commitment to safety, efficiency, and quality is exemplified through their compliance with international quality standards, including ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and AMCA.

Flakt Woods Fans

Knape Associates also distributes Flakt Woods Fans. In 2002, Woods merged with ABB Fläkt to form Fläkt Woods, a prominent player in the industry. Later in 2016, Fläkt Woods merged with Denco Happel, creating the formidable FläktGroup, with Woods as a distinct brand within its family.

With over a century of experience, Woods is a leading expert in designing axial flow fans, showcasing unparalleled expertise and commitment to quality. In 2019, Woods Air Movement re-entered the US market, specializing in Tunnel and Metro ventilation, building ventilation, and fire safety solutions. Their presence in the ventilation arena continues to be an epitome of excellence and innovation.

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Woods Air Movement Products

Induction Thrust Fan

Distributed by Knape Associates, the Woods Air Movement Induction Thrust Fan is engineered as a low-profile solution to address installation space requirements efficiently. The induction fan boasts a powerful performance with a thrust of 50N, driven by 2-speed motors that are controllable via an inverter under standard ambient conditions.

Featuring integrated mounting feet for easy installation, the fan includes a high-temperature isolator, inlet guard, and outlet nozzle for precise air control. The motor employed is an AC induction motor known for its robustness, low maintenance, and cost-effectiveness.

Technical Specifications:

  • Performance: 50N thrust
  • 2-speed motors with inverter control
  • Integrated mounting feet
  • High-temperature isolator
  • Inlet guard and outlet nozzle
  • AC induction motor for reliability
  • 3-phase motor configuration for enhanced performance

Additional Features

  • Super low-profile design
  • High thrust values in the Woods product range
  • CFD simulation conducted in the Centre of Excellence in Colchester
  • Capable of withstanding high temperatures up to 200°C or 392°F for 2 hours
  • Customizable finish in any RAL color as per project requirements.

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Official Supplier

Woods Air has has earned respect for their outstanding axial fans and ventilation systems for a century. Trust us, with Woods, you’re in good hands.

They provide a century-old legacy of innovation, reliability, and compliance with international standards. This isn’t just any company – it’s Woods Air Movement, a trailblazer in the ventilation industry, and we at Knape Associates are proud to represent them.

As your official distributor, we at Knape Associates make it easy for you to access Woods Air Movement’s extensive range of equipment, designed to meet diverse needs from fire safety to industrial processes.

Reach out to us at Knape Associates today. We’re ready to guide you through the world of superior ventilation solutions with Woods Air Movement. Your satisfaction is our priority, and your success our greatest reward.