Marine Ventilation Systems

marine ventilation equipmentSick of struggling to piece together a high-performing marine ventilation system?

Are you tired of equipment failing from excess moisture, costly repairs, and spaces that won’t vent right?

We get it.

Designing effective, customized ventilation is hard when you must puzzle components that don’t fit perfectly.

What if getting it right was simpler? Knape Associates partners directly with leading manufacturers to bring boat owners like you integrated ventilation solutions.

With over 80 years of combined HVAC experience, we spec the right equipment for your intake to fan discharge needs.

Got a unique engine room? No problem.

We work with you one-on-one to tailor custom systems that keep costly salt spray out and performance-enhancing airflow in.

Contact us today to stop settling for inferior Marine Ventilation Systems and get the right marine duty fan the first time. Our experts eliminate the headache of mixing parts with balanced marine ventilation that works.

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Looking for Marine Ventilation Fans?

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Marine Duty Fans

When engineered for marine applications, fans require specialized certifications and construction to withstand corrosion and moisture. Marine Duty fans meet rigorous standards through features like watertight casings and salt-resistant materials.


  • They meet US Coast Guard and Maritime guidelines (1).
  • Motors are USCG-approved and IEEE 45 (2) certified for marine electrical standards.

Benefitin Marine Ventilation Systems

  • Fully enclosed, relubricating motors allow mounting in any position.
  • Watertight conduit protects electrical. Materials resist corrosion: fiberglass, aluminum, stainless steel
  • Customizable to meet temperature, explosion-proofing, modular requirements


  • Heavy-duty designs made for offshore, military, cruise, tug, and platform use
  • Axial, tube axial, vane axial, duct, and centrifugal styles to fit space constraints
  • Protective coatings guard against rust, such as fiberglass FRP.


  • 50°C ambient temperature rating below the deck
  • Available for engine rooms, cabins, cargo holds Supply, exhaust, and ventilation roles
  • Intake and discharge options above or below the deck
The rugged builds and marine-grade components make marine duty fans well-suited to withstand harsh saltwater environments. Multiple fan types suit the most demanding marine settings.
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Supplying Marine Fans & Blowers

Knape Associates can provide you with fast quotes on the marine ventilation equipment for maritime applications.

We are official representatives leading industrial part manufactures covering Texas and beyond.

We can also send out a trained specialist to assess the area and make certain the proper equipment is being used for your specific marine application.

In order to ensure maximum effectiveness, we conduct tests on-site to determine how cost-effective each model will be.



MSC Guidelines for Review of Ventilation System Plans

IEEE Recommended Practice for Electric Installations on Shipboard