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Marine Ventilation Equipment

marine ventilation equipment

In the marine industry, ventilation requires a deep understanding of how important high-quality HVAC equipment, such as marine fans, are for keeping ships safe and reliable.

In harsh environments, where there is a lot of moisture, saltwater, chemicals that break down metal, high heat, and a lot of vibration, only the best ventilation equipment can work well enough and last long enough.

For equipment coatings to withstand the harsh marine environment, an industrial ventilation supplier must understand the significance of using the right materials for construction and coatings that adhere to strict shipbuilding standards.

Both maintaining the vessel’s proper operational standards and enhancing comfort onboard are the main goals of our high-quality marine duty fans and blowers.

No matter what kind of ship engine is being used, ventilation is a key part of keeping it running well. The marine exhaust fans supplier should be constructed to remove stale air, stop mold from growing, and keep humidity levels stable.

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Industrial Marine Fans

Our industrial marine fans provide the widest range of fans and blowers for cruise ships, container vessels, aircraft carriers, and submarines.

Our employees understand the needs of the modern marine and naval industry, and the requirements of the consulting engineers and contractors who serve it.

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JM Aerofoil fans

– Advantages of the JM Aerofoil product line include compact size, low cost, high efficiency and rugged design. The HM is available in 18 fan diameters from 12.4” to 88.2”.

Multiple combinations of hub diameter, speed, and number of blades assure the optimum selection for your application.

Mixed Flow Series

– Engineered Mix-Flow Fans specifically for the offshore engineer. Nine standard sizes of compact, in-line fans with capacities up to 120,000 cfm and pressure to 12”. All have steep pressure/volume characteristics and are suitable for high wind environments without excessive change in air delivery performance.

Vaneaxial Fans

(Navy Type A fans per MIL-F-18953) – Standard construction vane axial includes cast aluminum wheel, all welded, galvanized steel casing, and direct connected A.C. motor of totally enclosed spray tight construction.

This series features 28 sizes with capacity up to 40,000 cfm with explosion proof and non-magnetic features.
High Pressure Vaneaxial Fans

(Navy type CPS fans per MIL-F 24755) – Standard construction includes cast aluminum wheel, all welded, galvanized steel casing, and direct connected A.C. motor of totally enclosed spray tight construction.
Centrifugal Fans

(Navy type CC fans per MIL-F 19004) – 11 centrifugal fan sizes with capacity up to 14,000 cfm. Total pressures up to 6” w.g.

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Supplying Marine Ventilation Equipment

Knape Associates can provide you with fast quotes on the marine ventilation equipment for maritime applications.

We are official representatives leading industrial part manufactures covering Texas and beyond.

We can also send out a trained specialist to assess the area and make certain the proper equipment is being used for your specific marine application.

In order to ensure maximum effectiveness, we conduct tests on-site to determine how cost-effective each model will be.