A-60 Marine Damper

a60 damperThe A-60 FTP marine damper is designed for inclusion in marine and offshore projects.

The Halton A-60 Fire Damper has been specifically engineered to meet stringent legislation.

The A-60 Marine Fire Damper compliments the comprehensive range of automatic fire and smoke dampers and associated controls, provides the complete solution for shipboard air conditioning and ventilation systems fire safety engineering strategies.

Most Common Models:

  • FDL
  • FDA
  • FDO
  • FDB2
  • FDK
  • CFD-01

More models are available. Contact Knape Associates for more information.

Table of Contents

Halton FDB2 – A0 (A60) Fire & Gas Damper

The Halton FDB2 fire dampers are used in offshore, marine and navy ventilation systems to prevent the spread of fire and gases within the ductwork. They are approved for use in Class A0(A60) fires and can be installed in both rectangular and circular ducts.

These fire dampers have a special feature called a fusible link and can be installed in any position. They are set from the outside and have an open-closed indicator visible on the outside of the damper.

The FDB2 fire dampers do not cause any significant pressure loss, noise or flow disturbance when the blades are in the open position. If you need a fire damper with non-standard dimensions, you can request one.

The A-60 dampers can be used where the maximum system pressure is up to 1500 Pa and duct velocities to 15m/s.

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Technical Details

They feature a normally open, fail-safe closed design. When the thermal release is triggered, the blades automatically close to prevent airflow.

They are extremely versatile and can be mounted vertically or horizontally to accommodate different duct configurations.

Actuation is powered by an electric actuator available in 24VDC, 120VAC, or 230VAC to suit the vessel’s electrical system. This allows them to be integrated into the central ventilation controls.

For ease of access, the controls are located externally on the ductwork.

The dampers permit airflow in either direction for both supply and exhaust ventilation.

To avoid damage during shipping and installation, the blades are interlocked in the closed position.

The fail-safe closed design, flexible mounting options, and thermal release mechanism make these A60 dampers ideal for marine engine room applications where fire safety is paramount.

Applications for the A-60 Marine Damper

The A-60 Marine Fire Damper has been designed for inclusion in air conditioning and ventilation systems and is tested and approved for fitting to class A-60 divisions (bulkheads and decks).

The A-60 dampers can be used where the maximum system pressure is up to 1500 Pa and duct velocities to 15m/s. A-60 Marine Fire Dampers are designed for applications in normal dry filtered air systems and should be subjected to a planned inspection programme, with cleaning and light oil lubrication in accordance with standard industry practice.

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