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awv distributorAs an official American Warming and Ventilation (AWV) distributor, our role in the commercial and industrial ventilation landscape is essential.

The emphasis isn’t only on the circulation of air but also on ensuring premium air quality and operational efficiency. American Warming and Ventilating (AWV) is an industry-leading louver & damper manufacturer.

Knape Associates isn’t another distributor; they’re AWV’s go-to distributor for the Texas and Southwest regions.

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AWV Dampers

levate your ventilation projects with AWV dampers, exclusively distributed by Knape Associates. Benefit from streamlined access, faster delivery, and expert guidance:

  1. Seamless Access: Say goodbye to catalog searches. Knape Associates simplifies your access to premium AWV dampers, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

  2. Swift Delivery: Tight deadlines? No problem. With Knape’s efficiency, AWV dampers reach you faster, keeping your projects on schedule and your peace of mind intact.

  3. Expert Guidance: Navigating options can be overwhelming. Rely on Knape’s expertise to guide you through, ensuring you select AWV dampers that precisely meet your project requirements. Elevate your ventilation game with Knape Associates and AWV dampers.

AWV Louvers

Louvers are essential in architecture, aiding airflow while blocking out undesirables like water and noise. American Warming and Ventilating (AWV) elevates louvers to an art form, striking a balance between aesthetics and function.

Design & Purpose: AWV louvers don’t just ventilate; they enhance a building’s appearance.

Aesthetic & Efficient: Crafted for visual appeal, AWV’s louvers also reduce energy costs through their aerodynamic design.

Versatility: With various shapes and finishes, AWV caters to diverse architectural visions.

Durability: Constructed mainly of aluminum, AWV assures the longevity and strength of its louvers.

Verified Performance: Beyond their efficient design, AWV’s louvers are tested and certified by the Air Movement and Control Association (AMCA).

Choosing Knape Associates means investing in AWV’s commitment—marrying effectiveness with elegance in every louver.

Official Partner of AWV Products

Elevate Your Ventilation with Knape Associates, Your AWV Partner

Established in 1904, AWV evolved from a regional heating system to a national leader. Enter Knape Associates – your trusted AWV distributor. With a shared commitment, we simplify product selection, streamline orders, and ensure smooth project launches.

Knape assists in product selection, simplifies the ordering process, and acts as a liaison between the customer and manufacturer, ensuring every project gets off the ground without a hitch.

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Distributing AWV Louvers & Dampers

Knape Associates can provide fast quotes on your application’s appropriate AWV products.

We are official representatives of AWV products that covers Texas and beyond.

We can also send out a trained specialist to assess the area and ensure the proper equipment is used for your specific marine application.

Manufacturers We Represent

At Knape Associates, we are proud to be an official distributor for Knape Associates, a renowned name in industrial ventilation products.

Why choose Knape Associates?

  • Quality Products: Knape Associates offers a range of top-tier industrial and commercial ventilation solutions.
  • Exclusive Access: Order through us to gain access to products not available directly from the manufacturer.
  • Efficient Ordering Process: we ensure a smooth ordering process, with the right equipment delivered the first time.
  • Expert Guidance: Our team’s knowledge of Knape Associates’ product line ensures you find the perfect fit for your project.

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