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intec control distributorAs an authorized INTEC Controls distributor, Knape Associates provides products that are independently tested to meet strict gas detection and ventilation standards.

INTEC Controls is at the forefront of providing customizable and energy-efficient gas detection solutions that meet and exceed safety codes and regulations.

Their product line includes advanced sensors, like the PolyGard 2 series, capable of detecting a wide range of toxic and combustible gases.

As a trusted distributor of INTEC Controls products, Knape Associates is well-equipped to deliver tailored gas detection systems that precisely match your building’s unique requirements.

Why Work With Knape Associates?

With over a century of experience in the ventilation industry, Knape Associates has the expertise to design and implement INTEC solutions for various applications, ranging from parking structures to industrial facilities.

Trust Knape Associates to provide the knowledge, support, and state-of-the-art INTEC products necessary to ensure the safety and efficiency of your building’s gas detection and ventilation control systems.

About INTEC Controls Products

Knape Associates provides INTEC Controls’ complete gas detection and ventilation systems product suite.

For equipment operation and diagnostics, INTEC provides:

PolyGard 2

PolyGard®2 is a comprehensive family of advanced gas detection and control solutions designed for commercial applications, offering a range of versatile controllers (DGC6, CGC6, MGC6, and SGC6) and compatible field devices (DT6, DR6, DC6, SCM6, and AT6) to accommodate projects of various sizes.

The UL 2075 listed system ensures code compliance across the US, while the intuitive, menu-based configuration software and flexible control strategies simplify setup and troubleshooting.

PolyGard®2 incorporates microprocessor-based, hot-swappable sensor modules for toxic and combustible gases, minimizing material and installation costs.

INTEC Controls provides all necessary accessories and collaborates with Knape Assoicates to develop detailed sequences of operation and bill of materials, offering personalized technical support throughout the commissioning process.

INTEC DGC6 Gas Controller

INTEC Controls DGC6 with DT6/DR6/DC6/SCM6 field devices for mid- to large-projectsThe DGC6 controller is in the PolyGard 2 gas detection series. It provides configurable control for up to 96 distributed gas sensors. Certified to EN 50545-1, it ensures best-in-class performance and reliability for garage, tunnel, and industrial safety applications.

Advanced features include variable fan speed modulation, zoning, diagnostics as well as intuitive PC and pushbutton programming. DGC6 works with DT6, DR6 and DC6 compliant gas sensors to deliver cost-effective and code-adhering monitoring solutions customizable to your specific needs.

Contact Knape Associates to implement an EN 50545-1 certified DGC6 system matched to your facility’s layout and sensing points.

For gas and hazard detection across facilities, INTEC Controls provides:

Combustible Gas Sensors

The combustible gas sensors detect the presence of flammable gases like methane, propane, and hydrogen, which are hazards in power plants, petrochemical sites, and piping infrastructure.

For closed-loop and open control of gas hazards, INTEC Controls offers:

INTEC Wall, Duct, and Watertight Mounted Detection Systems

These detection systems have panel units that interface with HVAC and automation controllers. Different mountings suit various infrastructure spaces.

LGC2 Multi-Point Gas Controllers

The LGC2 automatically samples from multiple locations, shutting airflow when thresholds are exceeded for the sensed gas types.

Looking for a Specific PolyGard 2 product?

Contact us now for a quick quote and get the right product the first time!

Carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide, and other gas detection

INTEC has an extensive gas monitoring portfolio, detecting:

  • Carbon monoxide (CO) at ppm levels
  • Nitrogen dioxide (NO2)
  • Methane, hydrogen, ammonia for energy, chemicals
  • Refrigerants for cold storage plants
  • Volatile organic compound vapors (VOCs)

Many field-tested sensor configurations ensure appropriate selection for your specific environmental conditions and gas hazards.

Gas monitoring for parking garages, refrigeration, and industrial sites

Leverage Knape Associates’ expertise in advising on your facility’s ideal INTEC Controls products. As a distributor with in-depth knowledge, we provide recommendations tailored to parking structures, refrigerated storage, factories, and various industrial sites.

Contact Knape Associates to find the right systems

To identify the ideal gas detection or ventilation systems for your facility’s needs, contact Knape Associates.

Our experts will help select and tailor INTEC Controls equipment for seamless integration. 

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Knape Associates can provide fast quotes on your application’s correct equipment. We are official representatives of INTEC products that covers Texas and beyond. We can also send out a trained specialist to assess the area and make certain the proper equipment is being used for your specific marine application.