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Knape Associates is proud to provide ventilation equipment from Howden Fans. 

In July 1969, the Howden American Fan Company was founded with the goal of making cast aluminum blowers for the American OEM market. 

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Howden Fans Ventilation Equipment

During their first ten years in business, Howden relocated to bigger spaces six times. American Fan Co. relocated to its current Fairfield, Ohio, location on Symmes Road in 1979. American Fan Co. has always been on the cutting edge of innovation in the fan business. In the 1980s, they were the first fan company in the US to switch to 100% CAD and digitally control their machines.

Woods Air Movement of Colchester, United Kingdom, purchased American Fan Co. in 1986. The Woods line of Axial fans was manufactured by American Fan Co. for the US market by 1987. The company’s buildings grew again, and soon it had a lab for measuring airflow and a second place to make things. The first fan manufacturer in the United States to receive ISO certification was American Fan Co.; it is still accredited to ISO 9001 today.

In order to form one of the biggest fan companies in the world, Flakt Woods, Woods merged with the Swedish firm Flakt in 2002. Up until its sale to Howden in 2013, American Fan Co. was a crucial component of Flakt Woods’ development and growth.

In 1854, James Howden opened Howden in Glasgow, Scotland. It was a marine engineering company that made boilers and engines. Howden’s products have evolved to meet consumer demands over the company’s more than 150-year history.

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Knape Associates can provide fast quotes on the Howden fans and industrial ventilation equipment.

Knape Associates is an official representative of Howden Fans covering the Texas region and beyond.

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