Preventing Corrosion & Protecting Energy Infrastructure: How Droplet Separators Protect Offshore Wind Turbines

Engineers at Knape Associates have inspected their fair share of compromised assets and can assure you that corrosion in wind turbines is no small issue. At a minimum, repairing and replacing corroded turbine equipment costs producers over $1.4 billion annually (source). And revenue losses stack even higher if vessels, platforms, or battery plants need to halt operations.

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Unsurprisingly, over 90% of offshore corrosion stems from seawater—or, more precisely, water droplets making their way into infrastructure. Minuscule intruders, to be sure. But as droplets accumulate and stagnate inside equipment, the risks compound quickly.

This is where droplet separators prove their worth. By stripping 99% of droplets from gas streams, fog, and mist, they are an offshore site’s first line of defense. Tiny droplets never make it far enough to condense on interior metal surfaces.

That means the salts and minerals in seawater can prevent deterioration in wind turbines and other downstream power generation facilities. Combine this protection with appropriate coatings, and major corrosion headaches will become less prominent.

Droplet separators achieve even greater feats downstream. However, regarding offshore integrity, their ability to facilitate water separation makes them indispensable allies.

Reliably blocking corrosion translates directly into improved safety, avoided outages, and maximized productivity. Proof once more that great things come in small, microscopic packages.

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Safeguarding Wind Turbine Farms

Offshore wind turbine farms stand as modern marvels. Yet these giants rest on surprisingly fragile foundations. Turbine blades spinning at nearly 180 mph rely on optimized airflow to generate power. Disrupt that flow with moisture, and efficiency drops – by up to 20%, according to industry estimates (Source).

Prolonged moisture exposure also takes a physical toll. As droplets strike blade surfaces at blistering speeds, tiny pits, and cracks rapidly form through erosion. Cracks expand into fissures that require extensive repairs. All while nibbling away at power capacity.

Similar moisture risks lurk for offshore chemical and battery assets. Entrained liquids can foul catalytic systems essential for production rates and yields. Not to mention, liquid water and reactants like lithium or fluorine gases make for a combustible mix.

Fortunately, the solution is now industrially proven across offshore sectors. Separators safeguard downstream equipment integrity by removing droplets as small as 3 microns. They filter out 99.5% of incoming liquids to create optimized, moisture-free flows.

The result? Operational stability and output are untouched by efficiency losses or deterioration.

So while separations happen in microseconds, the protection they offer lasts for years. Long enough for offshore investments to deliver their total multi-billion dollar value. Corrosive salt water droplets stopped today, which means tomorrow’s offshore objectives are met.

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